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MeanWorld - SlaveOrders - Jessa Rhodes - Slave Orders 4

Miss Rhodes is your boss and its time for your annual performance review. She tells you that you are an insignicant speck to her, and that she needs to see how badly you want to hang on to your job. She puts her feet up on the desk and orders you to kiss her dirty shoes. She laughs at you and calls you a little bitch. She makes you tell her how lucky you are to be sucking on her shoe. She makes you lick her asshole while you tell her how badly you want to please her. Then she makes you masturbate for her. It's all part of the job! JESSA RHODES IS THE BEST DOMME IN THE BIZ THESE DAYS!
FemmeFataleFilms - Miss Severity Myers, Mistress Eleise de Lacy - Big Mistake Part 1-2

The slave has been held in chastity for some considerable time, so is desperate to have his release. He is, however, not allowed to cum until Mistress Eleise decides. If he were to cum without permission, then that would be a big mistake and one that would be punished severely!
FemmeFataleFilms - Mistress Athena - Athena's Cross Part 1-2

Mistress Athena is not happy and her hapless slave does nothing to calm her mood... in fact he agitates her even more and the wrath of Athena is unleashed on him in grand style!
Femdomshed - Princess Brook - A mouth full of hot cum

You enjoyed my last clip that I instructed you to wank upside down with your dick pointed at your mouth didn't you, well I've got a better idea for this one, but your gona have to bend that back even more, and get that little dick pointed right at your mouth, so that when you cum you don't waste a drop. I want your mouth to be the target. I want you to wank yourself hard listening to my instructions, and I want you to swallow every bit of that hot cum. I will train you to eat your own cum like a proper faggot!
Purecfnm - Kirsty Travis, Louisa Moon, Mia Makepeace - Brainy Girls Quiz

Miss Makepeace and her girls team are determined to win the college quiz. Hunky Mr Peters is the question master and they decide their only chance of victory is to get to him before they start. They ask him quiz questions of their own and each time he gets one wrong they take an item of clothing off him. He is soon starkers with the girls loving the sight of his naked body. They push him to the ground and take turns swallowing his cock until he cums all over the place!
FemmeFataleFilms - Mistress Eleise de Lacy - Tasting The Tail

Facing your greatest fears is always going to be a challenge - a good measure of character strength. Let Mistress Eleise explore and bring them to the surface, allowing you to bask in the euphoric sense of achievement and relief once conquered. This slave takes on such a journey with the taste of a venomous single tail, expertly wielded by Mistress Eleise. He's a seasoned CP player, but the single tail has previously been a step too far...
FemmeFataleFilms - Divine Mistress Heather - Painful Attraction Part 1-3

Divine Mistress Heather is dressed in sumptuous soft black leather from head to booted toe and wants to use her pain slut slave for some extreme nipple torment and CBT. After some heavy strokes of the cane, she sets about destroying his balls with the heels of her boots and uses medical clamps to pulverise his nipples almost beyond repair! The slave only has one desire though... to please his Mistress and take whatever she throws at him... a painful but overpowering instinct through attraction.
Bratprincess - Charlotte - Sasha Foxx - Aerobic Bitch Princess

Step aerobics are back on trend! Sasha Foxx’s workout torments her slave. Sasha uses her slave as a step and ties a rope to the slave’s balls. Then, Sasha threads a latex band through the rope. Pulling up on the latex band not only tortures the step, it keeps Sasha’s bod...

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