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Humiliation POV - Carissa Montgomery - You’re Going To Eat Your Cum To A Video, How Fucking Stupid

You’re such a cum eating loser, a pathetic cum guzzling slut. I’ll bet you love throwing your legs over your head and spooging in your mouth. That probably turns you on so much. You must love the taste of your cum. And since you can’t get a girl, it’s how you spend your lonely nights entertaining yourself. If you did have a girlfriend you’d probably have her make you eat it anyway. You’re just a stupid humiliation junkie. How sad!

You’ve probably gotten to the point that you can’t cum unless you think about eating it the whole time you’re jerking. It’s an addiction. You sit at home, jerking off to mean hot brats who don’t give a fuck about you, and then you eat your cum for them. But not even for them really, you do it to a video. They’re not even really talking to you. You’re such a fucking loser, a loser that eats his own cum. I’ll bet you love cumming in your hand and slurping it all up. You’re so fucking eager to eat your cum.

You know only faggots eat their own cum, right? Is that what you are? A cum eating loser begging to eat his own cum. How fucking pathetic! How gross! I’m sure you’re so horny by now listening to me, so go on jerk that cock, you know what’s coming.

Stroke it loser. I want you to build up a big load. I’m going to have you cum in a wine glass and drink it out. This way I know you won’t miss a drop, you little cum guzzling loser. Cum for me, fill up that glass with your fucking nasty load. Ewwww fucking gross! Now drink it down you loser. I know you want to, this is the part you’ve been waiting for…
Mistress T - Fuckboy For Domme Boss

You’ve just started a new job & you notice something is a little different. All the male employees seem very eager to please the hot, intimidating female boss. She instructs you to bring some files by her house in the evening, which is unorthodox but you want to make a good impression so you do it. Once there you learn what’s really going on at work. The men in the office aren’t just employees, they’re also her fuckboys. They do their work AND they sexually service their Dominant boss lady. She tells you that you’ll be auditioned tonight for future use. She wants to see your cock & how it performs. Despite being nervous & overwhelmed you get hard & manage to please her with the length of time it takes you to climax & with the size of your load. There’s just something about her, the way she touches you, her voice, you are so incredibly turned on but you want to impress her. She describes how she’ll use your mouth & cock for her pleasure and you already feel yourself falling under her spell…
Clubstiletto - Goddess Airen - Socks, Feet and Pits

Goddess Airen is all sweaty from a vigorous trampling session, and now her floor mat must perform clean up duties. First, he is made to lick her pits clean, from top to bottom, each pit thoroughly scoured with his tongue. Airen inspects each pit, reminding her slave what a lucky bitch he is, to get this close to her! Next, he is ordered to remove her sneakers and Airen clamps his mouth with her sweaty, rank sock. She has worn these socks all week, eschewing the laundry, and her slave struggles with the overpowering odor. Then, her socks are removed and our lucky cleaning boy gets to lick the sweat off her feet. The whole foot, mind you- not just between the toes! The clip ends with Airen f0rcing her foot into his mouth, gagging him, while she asks the viewer if he has the oral skills to replace the slave in the video. Don’t you wish.

Finger your ass, edge for me, and lastly eat your cum for me! When Ellie is in control, you can’t help but turn into an eager little cum whore!!!
Mandy Flores - Cuckold Bitch

HDHi boys. Guess what? Mandy has her a new boytoy and his cock is ready to please me and make you wish it was you AND make you suffer watching me suck his cock and watching him pound my tight. wet young perfect pussy!! I know how much all of you cucks want me. You realize of course, that you will NEVER have me, or any girl for that matter, because you are all fucking losers and faggot wanna bes. So, get naked, kneel down before me and stroke your cock to me AND my boytoys pretty cock. Im going to have him cum in a condom. Then I will tie it off and save it for you, fag.Mandy
Humiliatrix - You Still Live to Sniff & Be Smothered by Kendra’s Girly Kneesocks

“Remember all the twisted things I did to you when I caught you sniffing my dirty kneesocks? I blackmailed you, humiliated you and turned you from big man on campus into my snivelling little sock puppet. And now I’m going to break you down and turn you into my pathetic sock puppet all over again…”

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